Would you like a signed copy of our Debut EP? Then we’ll need your help soon!

Hi there, Gabriel here.Gabriel

My brother Michael and I have been on a big journey after appearing on the X Factor Australia. We have been playing music non-stop all around Victoria and have been continuing to write our own music.

We are extremely grateful that our new website has been viewed by 89 countries around the world and it would be great to share our own original music with everyone.

This is the hard part, recording music can be very expensive and we have decided to use a well known crowd funding website to get our supporters to help us realise our musical dreams. The X Factor was a life changing experience and when we we’re let go, it only made us want it more.

With your support our lives can undergo a real life change where we can be able to share our music and our heart with the world. Crowd funding allows this to happen. Our target that needs to be raised is around $40,000!!!! which is a monster amount of money. But if we all go down this road together and pledge as much as we can afford, we will all go on this musical journey and win the battle to stay under the stage lights and in your ears. We will work harder than ever to ensure great music and that not one penny of your hard earned cash is wasted.

Our EP will consist of our original music that is certain to impress and strum the heart strings which is what good music does. Given your response to the poll on our website, a Mastered version of our X Factor audition song “I won’t give up, by Jason Mraz” will also be on the EP. We will just need his permission to record it! Jason if you’re reading this, we’ll be in touch to get this!

The people who pledge money can receive a signed copy of our Debut EP before it gets released to the public. Also there are other great rewards that are on offer such as live shows and even a dinner date with The Royce Twins.

I will let you know here when the Crowd Funding page goes live.

More soon.

The Royce Twins

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