4 Years

4 Years EP - The Royce TwinsWe’re excited to let you know that our brand new EP called ‘4 Years’ goes live in iTunes, Google Play, Amazon (for the CD) and everywhere else. It really has been 4 Years in the making and we know our supporters have been keen to hear some new original tunes written and performed by us. A lot can happen in 4 Years.

‘4 Years’ features 5 brand new tracks written by us.

  1. Picture Perfect – A break up song that won’t leave you crying into your pillow
  2. Shade of the Moon – A song you wished you’d sung to your girlfriend that summer night
  3. Falling – A song full of angst about separation and loss
  4. 4 Years Ago – A rock song, so far away from 4 years ago today
  5. Nightmare – A song about overcoming haunted dreams

Like our last EP, this EP is an independent release so we need your help to spread the word.

Here’s the main links:

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If you’d prefer to grab a copy of ‘4 Years’ as a CD, you’ll need to visit Amazon. 


Our supporters make it possible to create new music. We dedicate this release to you.

The first single on the EP is called Picture Perfect. It’s a song about remembering someone from your past who you loved. It’s not mean to be a sad break up song. It’s a song about wishing someone well even though you’re not with them.

We’re excited for you to hear our new tunes. We ramp up the pace like never before on ‘4 Years’. So get ready to turn up the volume. We hope you love it.

Gabriel and Michael Saalfield
The Royce Twins

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