The Royce Twins are Australian twin brothers Gabriel and Michael Saalfield.

Harmonies match well when families sing, but none more perfectly when you’re Twins. They draw musical inspiration from a variety of sources and their sound is a fusion of genres. A song like “Heartstrings” has a combination of pop lyrics, folk melody and country guitars. Songs like “Brave” and “We Will Be The Rain” have influences of rock pop and r’n’b.

“What’s more important to us is how their music makes you feel” said Gabriel.

The Royce Twins have been singing for as long as they can remember and it’s the one thing that has kept them strong, despite having a challenging start to life.

The Royce Twins Debut EP shows what they do best, backing each other to follow their musical dreams.

“We have been playing, writing and we’ve been showcasing our own music too” Michael said. “We’re looking forward to connecting with our fans and taking them on the journey with us as we record and release new material.”

After launching their Debut EP,  The Royce Twins have been solidly booked to perform live.

“We perform a mixture of popular and contemporary songs within an acoustic setting, including from time to time showcasing our own works, when we play live venues.” said Gabriel.

The Twins song “Fly” made it to the semi-finals of the hotly contested Pop/Top 40 category in the International Songwriting Competition 2014. Their song “Heartstrings” made it to the semi-finals in the Singer-Songwriter/Folk Category of the International Songwriting Competition in 2015. Both of these tracks appear on their Debut EP. It’s an exciting outcome for first time singer-songwriters to receive this kind of attention and there’s lots more to come.

The Royce Twins are working on new tracks to be released later in 2017. More to come.