We Will Be The Rain

We Will Be The Rain

– A single written and performed by The Royce Twins –

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“This song is hard for us to categorise, some might call it a tribute song, but since it’s from the perspective of the solider it’s really more about story telling as to what many defence families have gone through and still go through today” said Michael.

“In writing the song, we used the experience of our grandfather who served in World War 2. He had a wife and two daughters. He didn’t speak much about his experiences to us, but when he did, he teared up” said Gabriel.

We will be the rain

The Royce Twins hope “We will be the rain” provides a modern perspective to events and experiences that continue. In essence, it’s a story about individuals and their families that are part of the defence force and being re-united.

“A song like this is a departure from what we normally do, but is something we had to do” said Gabriel. “We hope everyone who hears it finds their own family history in it.”

“We will be the rain” will is available for on iTunes, GooglePlay  Amazon,  Apple Music and Spotify.