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 The Royce Twins 4 Years

The Royce Twins are singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. The Twins grew up in Mount Beauty in the alpine highlands of northern Victoria and began their live work around the live music haunts of Ballarat while studying. The Twins are now are Melbourne based.

In 2014 the Twins successfully crowd funded their self-titled EP. Two of the songs from the release made it to the semi-finals of the International Song Writing Competition – ‘Heartstrings’ in the singer-songwriter/folk category and ‘Fly’ in the hotly contested ‘pop/rock’ category.

The release also charted on the independent AIR charts. This is a great achievement for first time independent and emerging singer-songwriters. The Royce Twins today are kept busy with their performance work, playing a mix of live music venues, festivals and private events as they promote their brand-new release called ‘4 Years’.

‘4 Years’ features five brand new tracks written and performed by the Twins and the EP reflects the journey of relationships. In the early years everything is easy when you’re in love. The middle stage is where things can get rough and if things don’t work out at the end, you’re flying solo.  Check out ‘4 Years‘ for more.

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