Fly Australian Radio Release

Hey, how you doing?

We are excited to let you know that our song FLY is going to be released to Australian Radio today – 12 Nov 2015.

Fly - The Royce Twins - Australian Radio Release

We wanted a song that you could crank in the car on the way to beach with friends this summer. We also wanted a song that Michael could rip a descent power guitar solo in. We hope you like it. If you live in the northern hemisphere, come visit us in Australia or listen to FLY skiing this winter, it’s sure to have the same effect. 🙂

We’d like to thank all of the Aussie Radio Stations who have given our EP Radio Release a spin this year. A special shout out to Power FM and Voice FM in our beloved Ballarat and Alpine Radio in Mount Beauty. We also want to thank all of those community radio stations from Northern Beaches Radio in Sydney, WOW FM in South Australia, 3NOW FM in Melbourne, Houn/Kingston FM in Tassie  to Gove FM in the Northern Territory – and everyone else in between. It’s hard to crack radio in Australia without the mega budgets of an international recording company so we genuinely thank you for sharing our music with an audience we’d never be able to reach by ourselves.

So if you already have heard FLY from our EP and want to hear it on the radio over Summer 2015 then HASSLE your favourite radio station until they PLAY it for you. If they are one of the Big FM Boys/Girls, you might need to hassle them a little harder!

If you haven’t heard it yet, feel free to check it out on iTunes, GooglePlay, Apple Music + the other online music stores and streaming places! If you’d prefer the EP as a CD, grab a copy via Waterfront Records.

Thanks for your continued support of us!

Gabriel and Michael Saalfield
The Royce Twins