Thank you

We dedicate this page of our website to the people who believed in us enough to help us crowd fund our Debut EP and Tour.Brothers 1

No matter how far we go, we will always remember that you helped us start our recorded musical journey. What you’ve done is helped change the lives of two country boys from a small town. So thank you. We look forward to delivering your rewards.

We also want to give a shout out to the countless people who chose to remain anonymous. Your kindness still means a great deal to us, even though your identities will forever remain a mystery to us.

We’ve listed your names in order your pledges were received.

Danielle Arbuckle

Stacey Begg

Jacquie Arbuckle

Christopher Allen

Lisa Russell

Courtney Wilkinson

Mandy Chiminello

Fiona Hanley

Christine McNicol

Hannah Little

Karissa Webster

Rick Chen

Katrina Fonay

Lisa Ryan

Rebecca Bradley

Lisa Ranton

Alan Crabbe

Sheena Kujus


Rebecca Pennell

Jordan Nave

Hannah Panter

Georgie Fonay

Alex Dalkin

Catherine MacLean

Alysia Partridge

Michael Arter

Brendon Gray

Lyndall Jackson

Carlie Cummings

Lisa Hateley

Rachael Kable

Jimmy E Hunt

Danelle Edmondson

Lainey Crofts

Sue Hertzog

Ford Family

Mark Pollard

Mark Browning

Andrew McIntosh

Rene Ceric

Mick Andrews

Peter Bowman

Rose Heystek

Vicki Ware

Nick Brown

Sarah Woulleman

Giulia Valente

Jillian Betheras

Shelley Alexander

Cathy Gunn

Rechelle Sullivan

Simone Short

Tony Baillie

Kim Edmondson


Kerri Reed

Andrew Boatman

Sue Tilley

Carmen Hendricks

Lauryn Carter

Brooke Reed

Adrienne De Brincat

Sarah McGaffin

M Cluff

Gaby Robinson

Trisha Jackson

Shirley Christie

Dusty Peculiar

Emma Knights

Rebecca Hill

Kate Rijs

Josh Rennef

Brad French

Sam O’Callaghan

Heather Beach

Gemma Howell

Russell Kennon

Carolyn Loader

Barbara Puttyfoot

Ben groves

Edgar Mendoza

Kelly Eyre

Emily Osmond

Lisa Castle

Shona Minty

Jen Berlic

Ruth Henselis

Jodie Simpson

Monica McIlveen

Beck Gleek

Jan Doyle

Kay Woodward

Caryl Saunders-king

Glenn White

Monica Sanderson

Elyse Lawrence

Fudge AnVettie Southgate

Rob Taylor

Diane Griffith

Ron Kelly

Josh Thompson

Chris Hollonds

Brigid Ross Taylor

June Hateley

Tom Oldham

Aen Saalfield

Wilfred Mccauley

Ash Coggins

Emily McCarthy

Kylie Mackay

Hayley Ranton

Tania Doumit

Gabriel Saalfield

Michael Saalfield

Jacinta Stanton

Alice Bellingham

Rebecca Mills

Erica Hateley

Doug Phillips

Christian Saalfield

Georgia Hertzog

Karen Webster

Fiona McLennan

John Phillips

Kayla Schwandt

Jasmine Cappellari

George Northey , and last but my no means least…

Angela Smith!

We look forward to now getting into the recording studio. When the EP is released, you’ll find your name on the insert artwork too. To follow our progress, sign up to the free news email under the ‘News’ tab and follow us on facebook and twitter Gabriel @Theroycetwins – Michael @Roycetwins

Gabriel and Michael Saalfield
The Royce Twins

PS. If we haven’t met you yet, we hope we get to one day.

14 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Fantastic!!!! We look forward to the release of your EP and best wishes for your musical careers – Sue, Tony and Maya

  2. I have seen and heard on youtube and I am listening the youtube over and over I is great to here you two. Great all the best.

  3. You boys would make any parent glow with pride I am sure your mom and dad are in heaven looking down on you with with tears streaming down their eyes seeing the wonderful young men you have become

  4. I bought this and I’m getting married on 5th September 2016 and your song never give up is the song I’m walking down the aisle to and it’s our first dance the words mean so much to us thank you xxxxxx

  5. Hello guys

    I am surprised when I heard your youtube site and I have enjoyed a lot. I wish you all the best .
    I am jst someone who likes good music like you kind regards
    Marcel Catoire

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