Black Lace

#BlackLaceThe wait for new music is over. The Royce Twins brand new single called ‘BLACK LACE’ goes live.

‘BLACK LACE’ is an upbeat, sexy rock track and the latest original by Gabriel and Michael. It’s certainly more than 4 years away from the acoustic ballads of ‘Heartstrings’ and ‘Shade of the Moon’ as it boldly explores the feelings of love of lust & power in relationships. Lyrical hooks by Gabriel like “Why does everything bad for me, feel so good” and a standout electric guitar solo by Michael will capture rock music fans attention.

BLACK LACE is an independent release so we need your help to spread the word.

Here’s the main links:

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Message from Gabriel and Michael:

Hello, our supporters make it possible to create new music. We dedicate this release to you and as indie artists we ask you to help us spread the word about Black Lace. Here’s some ways to help.

  • Buy the single on iTunes and Google Play and give us a shout out in the reviews 🙂
  • Stream Black Lace to your Spotify, Apple Music or other music service playlists
  • Like and share our posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and Twitter
  • Tell a friend who likes Rock Music to check out Black Lace and share a link with them or write your own post
  • Make a Tic Tok video using ‘Black Lace’ and use the hashtags #BlackLace #RoyceTwins – Black Lace Tic Toks…. that could be a thing, yep it’s in Sounds
  • Contact Triple J and Triple M and ask them to add Black Lace to their radio playlists or your fav rock radio station if you’re outside Australia

We hope Rock music fans like this track and gives you something new to listen to during this crazy time we all find ourselves in.

Turn up the volume and keep listening to music and keep well #BlackLace

Gabriel and Michael Saalfield
The Royce Twins