What we stand for …

Recently we had a big question: So what do you guys stand for and why should I help make it pozible?Brothers Royce

  • Firstly we stand for great original songs, music and harmonies – these are the things that will give us successful long term music careers
  • We also stand for the people who help us make it Pozible – just like the above, we have a bigger music career with you than without you in getting our music careers properly started.

Although some people have really successful music careers, not all of them stand for something bigger than themselves. But those who do, they stand for some really big causes.

  • Midnight oil and Sting – long time supporters of environmental issues
  • John Butler – Refugees & indigenous rights
  • Silverchair – supporters of WSPA’s ‘Collars not Cruelty’ animal campaign
  • Radiohead – Climate change
  • Kylie Minogue – Children and cancer charities
  • Bono & Bob Geldof – Third world debt relief
  • John Lennon & George Harrison – pro world peace!

We want to have a couple of bigger causes we stand for too.

Many people know that we lost our Mum when were eight years old. What you might not know is that she passed away from Breast Cancer after a long battle with it. When that happened, we had to move around a lot and be in Foster Care. This is really unsettling for any kid who has to go through this. So not surprisingly, Breast Cancer and Foster Care will be the issues we help if we find success. While these two issues might not be as big as human rights and world peace, they are issues that we think we can bring something too, basically because we’ve had first-hand experience.

So we hope this blog post gives you a deeper understanding of what we stand for: great music and a couple of big issues to us.

Thank you for your help in helping us make it possible. We also need your help in spreading the word about our crowd funding campaign – so please share our pozible web page too: http://www.pozible.com/theroycetwins

Thanks again,

Gabriel and Michael
The Royce Twins

One thought on “What we stand for …

  1. Inspiring has been your journey, I’m sure you will inspire many more young people just by shaing your story. Keep up the positives in your life and keep rolling with the punches. So many have a story of hardship and loss and it’s mentors like you that can teach and help build confidence in a hard world. Congratulations on your achievements so far boys. Kindest regards Kath Baird bogong Horseback Adventures

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