New Rewards on offer right now!

Hi Everyone,
Brothers Royce

We wanted to give you a special update to let you know we’ve added some new rewards to our Crowd funding page at

We have added a couple of EP digital download offers and a few other special items as we begin to turn the bend and start the run home on our campaign. The EP digital downloads are good for people who live outside of Australia – avoids postage costs and gets the EP to them faster than posting a CD. We have also added a special offer for 4 businesses that would like to be official tour sponsors. In return we’ll recognise them in our social media, website and tour information.

While facebook has been a great way to connect, our posts according to the facebook stats only get seen by about 20-25% of those who’ve liked our page. Facebook doesn’t share everything we do with all our supporters which is a challenge.

So we really need your help to like and share posts that appeal to you and if you can, give us a shout out on facebook, twitter and in real life to let family and friends know about it. We also posted a message to Jason Mraz (who wrote ‘I won’t give up’) on our facebook page – please like, share and comment on that if you can. We’d love a shout out from him given we want to record his song for our Debut EP too.

Thank you for coming on our musical journey.

Gabriel and Michael
The Royce Twins

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