Blue Mountains photo shoot and Debut EP update

It’s been a busy time since our last update.

This week we flew into Sydney from Melbourne for what really was a flying trip. We travelled to The Blue Mountains in search of  a great view to shoot our Debut EP cover. Talk about cold, it was freezing up there.

We get to review the professional photos shortly, however we did manage to get some taken on a digital camera to bring home for here. We hope you like them.

The Royce Twins Blue Mountains pic

The Royce Twins Blue Mountains 2 pic

The Royce Twins Blue Mountains 3 pic

To all of those people who pledged for the Debut EP & Guitar Pics and those for the Debut EP & Guitar Pics with the Key Cord and letter, keep an eye on your mail box over the next week or so. For those outside Australia, it will no doubt take a little longer. We’ve sent part of your pledge reward!


The Royce Twins Pozible rewards pic

When we started the recording, we thought our EP would be just acoustic guitars and some nice harmonies. Once we got in the studio though, we’ve turned it into something even more special – adding piano, percussion, electric guitar and strings to some of the songs. As a result, the project has taken us longer than expected, but the results are well worth it. Please forgive us, we don’t want to rush it as we only get one chance to record and officially release our Debut EP!

We’ve still got a little way to go – we need to create the artwork, get the CD’s manufactured, and start music promotions. We are also working to get the music in iTunes and the like.

Thanks again for your belief in us, and to the crowd funding supporters especially thank you helping us kick start our music careers.

Gabriel and Michael Saalfield
The Royce Twins

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