Happy Birthday to The Royce Twins

Happy Birthday to The Royce Twins

The management and friends would like to give a special birthday shout out to Gabriel and Michael – The Royce Twins.

Royce Twins DrawingIt’s true birthdays come around every year, but harmonies like yours only come once in a lifetime. We want to say congratulations on a big 12 months, including the release of your self titled Debut EP. We know that the journey isn’t always easy been easy but you’ve kept strong through out it all. Best wishes to you both on your special day.

Please join with us and shout out some birthday love!

Gabriel Twitter: @Theroycetwins
Michael Twitter: @Roycetwins
Instagram: The_Royce_Twins

Thank you to Melody Anderson for the drawing. We like the Twins still love it!

One thought on “Happy Birthday to The Royce Twins

  1. I add my belated wishes for a happy Birthday .. Things tend to reach me later than they do the rest of the world …Love you GUys FROM first moment I watched your audition .. Keep on trucking as they say


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