“Heartstrings” & The International Songwriting Competition

Hi Everyone,

We just found out that our song “Heartstrings” from our Debut EP has made it to the semi-finals of The International Songwriting Competition in the Singer-Songwriter category. They had over 18,500 entries! Thanks to everyone who has supported our music both recorded and live – this one’s for you.

International Songwriting Competition - The Royce Twins

Now it’s time for a victory snack!

Gabriel and Michael Saalfield
The Royce Twins



5 thoughts on ““Heartstrings” & The International Songwriting Competition

  1. Love this song, great job guys looking forward to a whole lot more from yall. Hope you guys come to the US soon 🙂 Live in Washington State and hoping to see you in concert soon! Cant wait for more music, by the way I think this song is so much better then I will not give up…. Just saying GREAT JOB guys!

    Hoping nothing but success for you both!

    Fan for life

      1. Can u come to the US also? I’m stuck with heartstrings on repeat. Love the song keep at it guys your voices are great.

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