My new custom

Hey there,

It’s Gabriel here. Thought I’d share some pics of my new custom made acoustic guitar. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a custom built instrument and I’m excited to get to pick it up this weekend. Musical instruments aren’t cheap, but if you ever get the change to get a custom something made then do it. It might not be a guitar, it might be something else – but it’s made just for you.

A shout out to Mr Ross Webster, our friend and Luthier (guitar maker) who made this custom guitar in Mount Beauty, our home town. If you’re guitar mad and want your own custom, look him up – we’re happy to pass your email to him via the contact page.

And while we’re doing shout outs, thanks to everyone inside and outside of Australia who is discovering our music on iTunes and Google Play  – we appreciate the support.

Gabriel and Michael Saalfield
The Royce Twins


Guitar 6 Guitar 9 Guitar 14 Guitar 8 Guitar 2

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