A Christmas Gift

Last Christmas Eve we released this original tune…we’ve left the original message too:

Christmas for most people is a time of cheer and celebration. But that’s not always the case when you’ve lost someone important in your life or are away from someone you love. If you’re feeling a little over the holiday cheer, please know that we dedicate this Christmas Gift to you.

If you’d like to get a copy of the Debut EP, check out the Merch store.

17 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift

  1. Ahhh boys! done it again… it takes one high note to get me emotional these days. Have a good holiday and remember you are loved. xx

  2. You guys are awesome. You make your mom smile from Heaven every day. It was over Christmas I found out about my own cancer and wonder often how many I’ll spend with my children. Your spirit and soul is a true testament to what a special mom you have. Bless every inch of both of you and those who you love.

  3. That was wonderful! Such beautiful words from a beautiful person. You and Michael are an inspiration and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. Merry Xmas boys and I hope 2014 is bigger and better than this year! Love you both xxx

  4. G’day Guys you have reduced me to tears (not easy). This is a fitting tribute to your most beautiful & wonderful Mum. Suzie was loved by all that met her your Mum just something about her that regardless of what was going on in her life she always made others feel better about theirs. I am all the richer for known her and she has a wonderful legacy in her children.

  5. So so beautiful, what a lovely tribute to your angel mother! I was definitely feeling your love and loss as I listened to your beautiful voice. As a mother of a beautiful son myself I was very emotional listening to your words. All our love and best wishes for you talented boys.
    Corinne and Mish

  6. Hey ! Salut. Je m’appelle Coralie. Et j’aurais aimée savoir si ils avaient été plis loin dans l’aventure x factor car je n’en trouve qu’une. A par ca ils sont génial le timbre de voix de Gabrielle est magnifique. Bonne chance pour la suite. Enfin voila tout en espérant que quelqu’un comprenne un seul mot de ce que je viens d’écrire. xD 😊

  7. Great singing.
    I came across your audition for the X factor while surfing and now found the website and finally your song.
    Moms are a wonderful thing! I miss mine and believe that your lyrics are spot on!

    Best success to you both.
    I love to know know the latest on the EP.

    Just an American lad,


  8. Wow. Loved the song and wish you both all the best in your future. Your parents would be proud to have raised such beautiful talented boys! Pura Vida

  9. Simply lovely talent splashing its way through your heart and soul. I can see your music touching people’s lives. I look forward to the blossoming of your career-make it your own, not anyone else’s….do it the Royce way all the way. Best of the blessings to you both.

  10. This is beautiful , I know what’s it like to loose people close to you , I lost my real mum 2 years ago and I was 16 years old and I’m 18 and lived with my adopted parents since I was 18 months old this song is just beautiful it means a lot , your mum will be proud if you

  11. I really wanted to post a comment here, but I don’t know what to say more than, wow, you’re making me dream. And it’s rare.
    Keep going on, I hope to hear both of you someday, wherever I’ll be around the world.

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