The Royce Twins Debut EP

You might have seen them performing around Victoria in Australia, you might remember them from X Factor Australia or you might be one of the millions who have seen them on YouTube.

The much anticipated Debut EP by Gabriel and Michael Saalfield, The Royce Twins can be ordered here on iTunes

The Royce Twins Blue Mountains3

Twin brothers Gabriel and Michael Saalfield have been performing together since they were kids. It wasn’t however until they appeared on X Factor Australia last year that their talent became more widely known. Viewers waited with anticipation to see if the brothers could sing and deliver after sharing a highly personal story about losing both of their parents at a young age.

Certainly, The Royce Twins did not disappoint.

Standing strong together, as they always have, they delivered a stellar performance of ‘I won’t give up’ by American singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz. This was the first time many in Australia had heard the song. So for them, it was like seeing an original performance. That audition has now had over 2.6 million views on YouTube.

While it was heart breaking for them and their new fans to hear they did not progress to the final rounds, this twist of fate is likely to help them become the ‘Unofficial Winners’. Since appearing on television, The Royce Twins have returned to doing what they’ve always done best – backing each other to follow their musical dreams.

The Royce Twins have recently crowd funded the cost of recording their Debut EP and have plans to tour their own original music and harmonies around Australia later this year.